About Green World Foundation

Green World Foundation was founded in 1990 by Narisa Chakrabongse, under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana, with the aim to provide an easy access of knowledge on the Thai environment through various forms of media.

We work in collaboration with an array of specialists and players in many fields, in particular scientists, educators, practitioners, youths, schools and families, to create learning experiences in real situations outdoor, which empower citizens of all ages and backgrounds to assess the state of the local environments independently without the need of expensive equipments.

Our Environmental Detectives programme, e.g. Stream Detectives, Seashore Detectives, and Air Detectives, uses observations of life forms around us as a means to read and assess the state of local environments, with the help of simple tools such as hand lens and user-friendly handbooks that we develop and test with real users. Interested users can learn directly from the handbooks, or build up their skills with training that we provide.

Through train-the-trainers programme, we have built a country-wide network of Environmental Detectives who spread the knowledge and skills further across communities and generations. Reviews by third parties have found the activities to be highly effective, providing spring boards for creative care of local environments.

In the past decade, we have shifted our focus to the urban environment, with a special emphasis on re-connecting city dwellers with nature. This entails regular outdoor activities to promote awareness of urban biodiversity and their connection to urban health and resilience. One of our major campaigns is the promotion of bicycle-friendly Bangkok, as part of a simple solution to complex problems, from the environment to the economic and social ills that built up from prioritizing car culture. The goal is to make Bangkok a livable and resilient habitat, for humans and co-existing species.

The Green World Foundation is committed to developing innovative shared learning experiences that connect human, nature and wildlife, for our sustainable future. We believe that it can be achieved through the drive of empowered citizens.

Organization Committees

  1. Momrachawong Narisa Chakrabongse

  2. Founding President

  3. Mr.Boripat Siriaroonrat

  4. President

  5. Mr.Dominic Chakra Thomson

  6. Vice President

  7. Mr.Alexander Simon Rendell

  8. Vice President

  9. Miss.Supatchaya Techachoochert

  10. Committee

  11. Mr. Nonn Panitwong

  12. Committee

  13. Mrs.Saisiri XOOmsai Na Ayuthaya

  14. Committee and Treasurer

  15. Mr.Petch Manopawitr

  16. Committee and Secretary


  1. Somneuk Sunprasit

  2. Foundation Director

  3. Siriporn Sriaram

  4. Partner Development Director

  5. Athipat Wusilpakit

  6. Manager of Environmental Communication and Education Officer

  7. Rosamali Kamen-ngan

  8. Marketing Officer

  9. Suwanan Kanruen

  10. Environmental Communication and Education Officer

  11. Nichabul Choemchaiyaphum

  12. Environmental Communication and Education Officer

  13. Nitipot Chaiarj

  14. Trainee

  15. kannika Boonplook

  16. Trainee

  17. Arunsiri Temphitaksiri

  18. Trainee

  19. Thawanrat Phookun

  20. Trainee

Timeline of Green World Foundation

  1. Founded

    Founded by Narisa Chakrabongse, under the royal patronage of HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana, to provide public access of information on the Thai environments

  2. Concised Green World Encyclopedia

    Produced a set of Concised Green World Encyclopedia on the Thai environments for country-wide distribution to school libraries, with volumes on Air, Water, Soils and Forests, Minerals and Energy, and Human and Environment. This was followed by books focusing on different environmental issues for university students, e.g. E.I.A., Compilation of Thai Environmental Laws

  3. Environmental Information Centre

    Launched the Environmental Information Centre, catering to students and the general public (duration: 20 years, from 1993-2013)

  4. “State of the Thai Environments

    Launched the bi-annual “State of the Thai Environments” with in-depth analysis on current issues and updated statistics. Available in Thai and English languages

  5. Started productions of printed media for nature education

    Started productions of printed media for nature education in Thailand, ranging from posters, leaflets, handbooks and field guides, which later led to the development of Environmental Detectives Programme

  6. Environmental Detectives Programm ewith “Stream Detectives”

    Launched Environmental Detectives Programm ewith “Stream Detectives” as a pioneering project, initially based in the Upper Ping River in northern Thailand. It uses the observations of aquatic lives to assess stream health, thereby connecting awareness to other ecosystems, and induced initiatives for the care of local rivers and streams (duration: from 1998-2005)

  7. Organized “River Ping Watch 2000”

    Organized “River Ping Watch 2000” with coordinated efforts of 50 schools in Chiangmai and Lamphun provinces who surveyed the river water quality through biological monitoring, covering over 100 sights. The results are presented as the first people’s water quality map in Thailand

  8. Launched “Seashore Detectives”

    Launched “Seashore Detectives” project in the Andaman coast, southern Thailand, to promote the care of local seashores through biological survey and active learning outdoors (duration: 2003-2006)

  9. Implemented “Seashore Detectives”

    Implemented “Seashore Detectives” project in the Inner Gulf of Siam area (duration: 2006-2008)

  10. The production of Easy-Green-Read Books

    Launched the production of Easy-Green-Read Books, kicking off with “Global Warming: what we do always change the world”, using simple drawings and statistics to tell the story. Over 20,000 copies were sold through 8 reprints, followed by many other titles of similar treatment

  11. Shifted focus to the urban environment

    Shifted focus to the urban environment with the launch of “Air Detectives” project in Bangkok to raise the awareness of urban environmental crisis and stimulate actions

  12. Bangkok bicycle campaign

    Launched a Bangkok bicycle campaign with the project “Cycle-lizing City” to articulate a new paradigm of a bicycle-friendly city as the 21st century city, using bicycle as a simple leverage solution to a complex problem of urban development, and empower citizens with crowd-sourcing map of cycling routes (duration: 2010-2012)

  13. Project “Mabtaput Air Detectives”

    Implemented a research action project “Mabtaput Air Detectives” to support the civil society in Rayong province and its industrial estate with a low cost verifiable air quality watch tool (duration: 2011-2012)

  14. Hosted “Cycle-lizing City Fest”

    Hosted “Cycle-lizing City Fest” on the occasion of GWF 20th anniversary, with bicycle-powered concert in Lumpini Park

  15. Bicycle campaign short film competition

    Organized a bicycle campaign short film competition under the theme “Share the Road”, where short-listed story boards gained support for their productions and screening for the public view

  16. Hosted 24 hours “Bangkajao Bioblitz 2014”

    Hosted 24 hours “Bangkajao Bioblitz 2014” with scientists, naturalists, interested citizens and local communities to raise the public awareness on the importance of Bangkajao as the last remaining semi-wild area amidst urban development sprawl

  17. The bi-lingual smart phone application

    Launched the bi-lingual smart phone application “Punmuang” (Cycle-lizing City) as a crowd-sourcing tool for bicycle users to share information on cycling facilities, routes, and report street problems to help creating a more bicycle-friendly city